Speech-Language Therapy

SLT-squarePediatric Speech-Language Pathologists focus on the development or regaining of communication skills and the overall function of the oral cavity. This may include receptive/expressive language skills, other cognitive skills, oral-motor abilities, targeting muscle weakness for articulation, and feeding/swallowing. Speech-Language Pathologists can also treat sensory integration, central auditory processing, comprehension involving speech and language, voice disorders, and other oral motor impairments. Serving children from infancy to adolescence, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists help families in learning techniques for success at home and for everyday living.

What are the benefits of Speech-Language Therapy?

  • Improve articulation, phonics, voice, and fluency
  • Improve dysphagia and oral-motor impairments
  • Determine and train in the use of augmentive communication devices
  • Improve speech related to hearing impairments
  • Improve receptive and expressive language