A Neurodevelopmental Center


“I have been coming since July 2013. I’m 11 years old. I’ve had a wonderful experience at Advance for Kids….I feel very comfortable here at AFK. They help me with everything I need help with. They understand the kids and what they have wrong with them…..I love going to Advance for Kids. Your children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, etc. will have a wonderful experience! They will love going here. They help kids with fun activities. Thank you for reading!”


“I have been bringing my son to Advance for Kids for over a year now. He loves working with Mai Lee. He has shown great progress from his Occupational Therapy. He loves the workouts! All the therapists we have seen have been wonderful and are great with children. I highly recommend Advance for Kids for your child’s needs.”


“We have been with AFK for approximately six years. With the help of many of their therapists Bryce has come such a long way! He transitioned from a very quiet, shy boy into an outgoing vocal one. We appreciate EVERYONE at AFK!”


“AFK is such a great, safe and fun environment for kids with special needs. The therapists truly invest their time, efforts and skills with each individual child. I couldn’t imagine taking my son anywhere else to receive treatment. The therapists are extremely positive and they help the parents with any questions they may have! Not only do I enjoy taking Porter to therapy, he enjoys it as well. All of the staff at AFK are tremendous! I would encourage any parent who is looking for a therapy facility for their children to definitely consider AFK, you and your child will have a fantastic experience!”


“Always smiling faces and everyone seems to care about the needs of the children. The therapists always have been kind to Kelita and tried to help her the way she needs it. We started about a year after it opened. Therapists have come and gone but we have not had one yet that we didn’t like. Thanks!” T.R.


“My son has been coming to AFK for a year. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and therapists. They really care about his well-being and work closely with us to make sure his needs are being met. The staff is more like family to us! We love AFK.”


“I love AFK! My son has needed therapy for his whole life. We started at another facility but switched to AFK when they opened an office in Rome (July 2010). Since switching, he has advanced so much! He started in ST, PT, and OT. He started speaking in complete sentences a few weeks after he switched and hasn’t quit since! He has graduated from speech and is doing wonderfully. In OT, he has made great progress in sensory issues. He is improving on handwriting. We’re still working on running, but he’s greatly improved in balance and jumping. When you bring your child to AFK, the staff is super professional, but the best part is you can see the joy on all of the staff’s faces when you walk in the door. You know the therapists enjoy working with your child and that they love their job.”


“When I started at AFK, I (unlike other parents) was new to the world of living with special needs. My grandson is quad CP and completely relies on others for his care. I took custody of him and up until I became involved he was sporadic in attendance with therapy. We faithfully make the journey each week and have become one of the regulars. We have transitioned through several OTs, PTs and speech professionals: All caring and loving and hard working at making us better than we were. The staff take the time to know the kids and the parents and develop a relationship that lasts. The staff teach and also learn with the parents. They celebrate the milestones and push the family toward higher goals.”


“The therapists at AFK helped my premature toddler learn to walk with various strengthening exercises and things we can do at home to develop this skill. The therapists at AFK are professional, caring, and courteous. After 5 months of therapy, my child now walks with no difficulties.”


“My son has been going here for several years and we have LOVED all of our therapists!!!!!!”

E. Petitti

“I absolutely love AFK! We’ve been to other clinics, but this one the therapists and staff actually care about your child. They are awesome about making sure you get an appointment time you can work with. Thank you AFK!”

J. Minton

“I’m so excited!!!!! This is the first week in over a year that I can say I see my son. He was talking and laughing with me on the way home Thursday, after OT. Drawing pictures, playing skittles, and singing!!!!! I haven’t shared that with him in a LONG time!!! There are no words that can express how much I appreciate all you’re doing!!!”